The Dignity Initiative will stay true to the following principles:

  • Complementary efforts – the project will not duplicate existing efforts but aim to support, bridge existing gaps and amplify efforts across the country.
  • Collaborative – in order to resonate across the country, the project will allow for the participation and engagement of a range of organizations interested in LGBTI global issues.
  • Transparent – project information will be shared openly online with the public.
  • Engagement – there will be opportunities for the public to have input into the development of the documents through various opportunities.
  • Global input – there will be opportunities for LGBTI groups & leaders from outside of Canada, in particular from the global south and east to have input into the project.
  • Flexibility – the documents will recognize that “no one size fits all” and there will be a range of ways that Canadians may support human rights work for LGBTI people.