The Dignity Initiative has launched two key research studies to support the foundation of this work.

Advancing LGBTI Human Rights Globally: A Comparative Analysis of Foreign Policies Around the World
This document will outline various countries’ approaches, strategies, and commitment to supporting human rights for LGBTI people around the world.  We recognize that approaches vary from country to country due to unique local capabilities and political sensitivities. The goal of this study is to compare and contrast the Canadian government’s work in support of global LGBTI human rights with other key governments. The results of this research project will be released in the summer of 2015.

Research Team: Freddie Arps, Lead Researcher, (Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network), Erin Aylward (University of Toronto), Ashely Mantha-Hollands (Bonham Centre, University of Toronto)

Best Practices from Canadian Civil Society in supporting LGBTI Human Rights Globally
This document will outline promising practices and strategies for Canadian organizations (non-profit, private, and/or public) in supporting human rights work with LGBTI communities abroad. The document will build upon many of the presentations and learnings from the WorldPride Human Rights Conference and will engage with NGOs currently doing this work. The results of this research will be released in summer or fall of 2015.

Research Team: Erin Aylward (University of Toronto), Evan Vipond (Bonham Centre, University of Toronto), Doug Kerr

Data collection for the above two research reports is complete and we will be releasing these reports in fall 2015.