Since Its inception theThe Dignity Network has been supported by a number of individuals and organizations, including the following who have lent their time, advice and expertise.

A formal Advisory Group and a series of Working Groups are currently being recruited and will be launched later in August 2017.

Carlos Idibouo, Arc-en-ciel d’Afrique (Montréal)

Corrie Melanson, Rainbow Refugee Association Nova Scotia (Halifax)

Danny Ramadan, refugee activist (Vancouver)

Doug Kerr, Fierté Canada Pride (Toronto)

Erin Aylward, Researcher (Toronto)

Jonathan Niemcazk, Pride Winnipeg

Karim Ladak, Alliance for South Asian AIDS Prevention (Toronto)

Kim Vance, ARC International (Halifax)

Dr. Kris Wells, Institute for Sexual Minority Studies, University of Alberta (Edmonton)

Maurice Tomlinson, the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network (Toronto)

Marie-Pier Boisvert, Conseil LGBT Québecois, (Montreal)

Michelle Emson, Kyiv Pride Canada

Nancy Nicol, Envisioning Global LGBT Human Rights (Kingston)

Richard Elliott, Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network (Toronto)