Working Group

Formed shortly after the WorldPride 2014 Human Rights Conference, the Working Group consists of representatives from a range of organizations across Canada interested in global LGBTI human rights. All of the members are volunteering their time and expertise towards the initiative. 

Brenda Cossman, Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies (Toronto)
Rev. Brent Hawkes, Metropolitan Community Church (Toronto)
Carlos Idibouo, Arc-en-ciel d’Afrique (Montréal)
Corrie Melanson, Rainbow Refugee Association Nova Scotia (Halifax)
Dara Parker, Qmunity (Vancouver)
Doug Kerr, Project Lead (Toronto)
Erin Aylward, Researcher (Toronto)
Fanta Ongoiba, Africans in Parternship Against AIDS (Toronto)
Freddie Arps, Researcher (Toronto)
Jacqie Lucas, #EndHateLaws (Toronto)
Jean-François Perrier, Fierté Montréal Pride
Jim MacKinnon, Oxfam Canada (Ottawa)
Jonathan Niemcazk, Pride Winnipeg
Karim Ladak, Alliance for South Asian AIDS Prevention (Toronto)
Kim Vance, ARC International (Halifax)
Kris Wells, Institute for Sexual Minority Studies, University of Alberta (Edmonton)
Martine Roy, Fondation Émergence, Pride At Work(Montréal)
Maurice Tomlinson, LGBTI Aware Caribbean and the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network (Toronto)Michelle Emson, Kyiv Pride Canada (Hamilton)
Richard Elliott, Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network (Toronto)
Sandeep Prasad, Action Canada For Sexual Health and Rights (Ottawa)
Stephen Seaborn, ILGA-North America (Toronto)
Steven Ross, Fierté Montréal Pride
Val Kalende, Researcher (Kingston)

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