1) International Development Assistance & Solidarity

Co-Chairs: Maurice Tomlinson (Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network) and Fréderic Hareau (Equitas)

Alliance for South Asian AIDS Prevention

Asian Community AIDS Services

Action Canada for Sexual Health & Rights

Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network


Journalists for Human Rights

Oxfam Canada


2) Religion and LGBTI Human Rights Globally

Co-Chairs: El-Farouk Khaki (El- Juma Circle Mosque) and Rev. Dr. Brent Hawkes

Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network

El-Tawhid Unity Mosque

Dr. Mohim Rahman (Trent University)

Metropolitan Community Church Toronto

United Church of Canada


3) Supporting LGBTI refugees to Canada

Co-Chairs: Kimahli Powell (Rainbow Railroad) and Dr. Sharalyn Jordan

(Rainbow Refugee Vancouver)

• Black CAP

• Capital Rainbow Refugee

• Metropolitan Community Church Toronto

• Rainbow Railroad

• Rainbow Refugee Nova Scotia

• Rainbow Refugee Society Vancouver

• The 519

4) Advocacy and Communications

Co-Chairs: Kim Vance (ARC International), Michelle Emson

(KyivPride Canada) and Karim Ladak

• ARC International

• Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights

• Amnesty International Canada

• Conseil québécois LGBT

• Egale Canada

• KyivPride Canada

• Fierte Canada Pride